• Charlene Roth

How a Multi-Purpose Martial Arts Studio Can Benefit Your Family

Are you a parent who is ready to kick boredom out of your family’s quarantine routine? Then you should add a martial arts studio to your home! Having a home martial arts studio is a perfect solution for kids who may be missing out on local martial arts classes, but this space can also be helpful for parents who may be struggling to stay in shape at home.

If you are ready to have some serious fun and help your family stay fit in lockdown, here are some important facts and resources you need to know about:

Martial Arts Can Have Benefits for Adults & Children

If your kids aren’t already practicing martial arts, they really should be! You may want to

consider practicing as well, especially with these proven benefits:

● The martial arts and other sports can help your children build confidence and healthy

habits that will last a lifetime.

● Martial arts can provide cognitive benefits for adults as well, keeping you sharp and

managing stressors better.

● Knowable Magazine explains regular exercise can prevent diseases and other chronic

health issues in both children and adults, so building a home workout space could be a

real lifesaver.

● Participating in martial arts can help you with setting goals and staying motivated

throughout lockdown and beyond.

Multi-Purpose Rooms Can Help Boost a Home’s Value

Remodeling a room can require a big investment of time, effort and even money, but there are several reasons why you can expect an ROI on this update, including:

● If you keep it generic in style, a martial arts studio is one of the many ways you can

boost your home’s appraisal value.

● Adding a multi-purpose room, including a finished basement, has been shown to attract more buyers and offers.

● Consider installing rubber flooring, which is a boon for safety’s sake as well as home

value. HomeAdvisor notes the average homeowner spends $720 for the project.

● Checking out other home workout spaces can help you design a practice room that will really wow potential buyers when it comes time to sell.

● Remember to keep the workout area properly sanitized.

Martial Arts & Gym Equipment Can Easily Be Found Online

By now, hopefully you're sold on converting some space in your home into a multipurpose martial arts studio. With most stores closed, you can use these tips to buy equipment:

● Since buying local is important, do check your state’s restrictions to see if it’s possible to purchase martial arts gear from local studios and retailers.

● If stores and studios are still completely shut down, check sporting goods stores online

to see if you can order the equipment you need.

● You can also check Amazon for martial arts and fitness equipment but keep in mind that your order may be delayed due to higher demand for certain products.

● Finally, see if you can find gently used martial arts gear via classified apps, to save

yourself some cash and some shipping time.

With many martial arts and fitness studios closed, or operating with extremely limited capacity, for the foreseeable future, there has never been a better time to build your own martial arts and exercise studio. That way you can continue to work out no matter what the future brings, and your kids can continue to practice their valuable martial arts lessons.

This post was authored by guest contributor Charlene Roth. To learn more about Charlene, visit https://safetykid.info/

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