Positioning for opportunity

Rule #1 in jiu jitsu - Always be in position.

There is an ideal body position for every situation. In general, this involves your base, posture, and weight distribution.

To be ready for anything involves a certain body position.

To be ready to defend involves another position.

To be ready to attack involves yet another...

At a time where there is seemingly less to do, it is important to plan for the opportunities that lie ahead. Will you be in a position to take advantage of those opportunities? Will you have prepared yourself to stand out from the competition? Will you have positioned yourself to take immediate and decisive action?

Use this time to prepare yourself for the opportunities that lie ahead. Pick up some books, take an online course, ramp up your home physical training, strengthen your social and or professional networks through phone and video conferences, identify clear and achievable goals.

Once you start this process, make it a lifelong habit and you may find the opportunities begin to multiply.

While others hibernate through a snowy winter, get to work on preparing for the bountiful harvest of summer.

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