Whatever you resists, persists.

Whatever you push back on will push back on you. If you reject your own, or someone else's idea, intention, or feeling, it will push back on you. When you push back on a forward advancing opponent, you expend precious energy and become locked in a stalemate. Whatever you resist, persists. 

In order to be fully present and respond to the present moment with our full range of skills, knowledge, and capabilities, we must start from a background of acceptance. With acceptance, we side step the possibility of stalemating or getting locked into a tug of war and instead, position ourselves for advancement, creative thinking, and more productive activities. 

So say goodbye to year 2020, version 1.0 and say hello to 2020, version 2.0. Let's let go of our complaints and disappointments and accept our unprecedented circumstances. Paradoxically, this will give us all more control of what we do and accomplish from hereon. 

Keep in mind, everyone else around may be griping and complaining about our current circumstances, we don't need more of those people. What we need is people who are at terms with the present moment and see possibilities. 

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