Safety Protocols

As we reopen our doors, Revolution is implementing a number of safety measures to help reduce the risk of viral transmission. These measures are outlined below:

  • Zoom Classes to Continue. Not ready to return? Not a problem. Our reinstated in-person classes will be streamed via Zoom. 

  • In-Person Classes with maximum capacities. Students are required to reserve classes ahead of time by contacting us via email or text message. Classes will have a maximum capacity of 12 students.

  • Safety Check-In Process. Students will be asked to self-administer a COVID-19 symptom checklist, temperature check, and sign in upon arrival. 

  • Informed Risk. Students and families should understand that engaging in jiu jitsu classes may put yourself at increased risk of contracting COVID-19. Students who wish to return to the dojo will be asked to sign a waiver and fill out a disclaimer. 

  • Incident Plan in Place. Should a student be confirmed of contracting COVID-19, we will carry out a series of measures to stop the potential spread of virus and protect the health of our students. 


  • Mask Policy. Wearing a mask while training is optional. While we acknowledge that masks may be used to help stop the spread of the virus, training with a mask on puts added stress on the athlete. Wearing a mask may not be practical or even possible depending on the student's level of physical fitness. However, students who wish to wear a mask anyway are encouraged to do so. 

  • Increased Air Ventilation. Both doors are to remain open during class, while a large commercial fan in addition to our ceiling fans will be used to improve air circulation. 

  • Increased Cleaning Measures. The mat will be disinfected before every class and all other common surfaces will be wiped down throughout the day to eliminate germs. Our modified schedule will allow for mat disinfection time between classes. 

  • Social Distancing Protocols and Measures.

    • ​Students will be encouraged to maintain 6 feet of social distance on and off the mat.

    • Social greetings should be practiced without physical touching (e.g., bow or head nod). 

    • Students will be assigned to clearly demarcated training stations which will be separated and dispersed throughout the mat.

    • Social crowding will be minimized by use of place markers surrounding the mat perimeter. Students will place their water and belongings on or next to their place marker and also use this as their point of entry/exit from the mat. 

    • Spectator seating will be limited and spaced at least 6 feet apart. 

  • Dressing Room Policy. Please arrive to class with gi or uniform on and ready to walk straight to the mat. After class, students are encouraged to remove gi top and change outside if possible. Students who must use the dressing room are to do so 1 person at a time and take their belongings with them to their place marker around the edge of the mat.

  • Parents and Family Members. To decrease foot traffic inside the dojo, parents will be encouraged to wait outside or in their cars while class is in session. If observing class is absolutely necessary, limited seating will be made available on a first come first serve basis.

  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degree Exposures. If you or someone who you live with is ill with COVID like symptoms, you should hold off on visiting the dojo until you can find out more information regarding the nature of the illness. Also, if someone you live with has been in known contact with someone who is infected, you should again stay away from the dojo until we can determine that it is safe for you to return. In all of these cases, you must notify sensei of your situation so we can decide on the most reasonable and safe course of action.

  • Additional measures students can take.

    • Wipe down after class. ​Use wipes, towels, and/or antiseptic sprays to wipe down exposed areas (i.e., face, hands, feet) after class. 

    • Get tested. Get a free testespecially if you will be selecting to engage in direct hand to hand training. 

    • Boost your immune system. Take vitamins, maintain a healthy diet, and engage in a healthy lifestyle. Learn more here.