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Adult Programs


  • BJJ Fundamentals

    • The focus of the Fundamentals class is to provide you with the essential core techniques of jiu jitsu. You will acquire the necessary proficiency in technique, leverage, positioning, body movement, and mental toughness that will prepare you for real situations in life. The Fundamentals class covers material that is relevant regardless of your level of experience and expertise and is therefore suited for students of all levels.



  • Advanced BJJ

    • The intermediate / advanced class is for students who have a minimum of 6 months training experience and/or are cleared by the instructor to participate. These classes cover both takedown and grappling techniques for gi and no gi. Classes typically start with a warmup, followed by technical instruction, and ending with one-on-one sparring. 



  • Open Mat

    • Open Mat is an “open” format class where students are allowed to practice and drill techniques for greater mastery. Experienced students are also allowed to engage in free sparring. This is the perfect weekend opportunity to train with your training partners, have fun, and get a great workout.

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