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Our instructors are committed to developing strong martial artists who embody the principles of Focus, Effort, Respect, Determination, and Teamwork. They take time to give each student individualized attention to help them grow and develop according to their own needs. 

Instructor - Jiu Jitsu in Culver City
Dr. Jeff Nishii
Head Jiu Jitsu Instructor 
Kids and Adults Programs

Sensei Jeff has over 18 years of jiu jitsu experience and is a 2nd degree black belt under Professor Joao Silva and Master Aloisio Silva. At Revolution, Sensei Jeff focuses on cultivating a welcoming and positive training environment where students work together to achieve common goals. With a background as a doctor of clinical psychology, he assesses the unique individual needs and strengths of each student and helps them work toward their greatest potential. Sensei Jeff is also an experienced competitor who has won gold at local, national, and world level competitions. With regards to children, Sensei Jeff has a long list of experience working with children of all backgrounds. An experienced kids instructor, he's been teaching and leading kids classes for nearly 20 years.


Rinaldo Antonio
Assistant Instructor, Adults Program


Tyler Smith
Assistant Instructor, Adults Program


Tyler began his Martial Arts journey in 2005 in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP). Aside from attending the required training, Tyler would find time to grapple with fellow Marines in their off time and was made an assistant MCMAP instructor at 4th LAR Battalion at Camp Pendleton, CA.

In 2008, Tyler started boxing with the Police Activities League in Santa Monica and would regularly cross train in grappling with other people in the program. It was there that he started to think about Mixed Martial Arts.

In 2009 Tyler was invited to train at PTC Los Angeles, now Revolution Martial Arts, and he fell in love with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. After a Tyler received his blue belt from Professor Oscar “Japa” Neves he began training full time MMA at Team Sparta, now CMMA, while still attending Gi classes at PTC.

In 2011, Tyler had a brief layoff due to injuries and made his return to Revolution in January of 2013. Since then Tyler has competed and medaled in multiple BJJ tournaments. Tyler’s favorite aspect of Jiu Jitsu has been helping teach the kids and beginner classes. Tyler brings a wealth of knowledge and technique to the mat and is always eager to share as much as he can with the lower belts. Tyler is dedicated to providing a safe and fun training environment for everyone on the mat.

When not training, Tyler loves spending time camping, fishing, off-roading and enjoying  the art of archery.

Samuel Fagan
Assistant Instructor, Kids Program

Samuel Fagan is an assistant coach at Revolution Martial Arts. He began his jiu jitsu journey in 2016 and has developed into an integral part of our thriving kids program. He found Revolution one day while driving home. "The sense of camaraderie and family is what kept bringing me back. Being able to teach in the Little Warriors and Juniors program, not only brings me joy, but also pairs well with the development in my own jiu-jitsu. My goal is to pass along my knowledge to kids and people of all ages."

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