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Kids Programs



  • Little Warriors Program (age 5 - 9)

    • ​Jiu jitsu for little ones! The goal of our Little Warriors class is to help foster your child's healthy neuro and motor development. When led by a competent instructor who understands the developmental needs of your child, martial arts are an effective vehicle for promoting healthy child development. The early years are a critical time for developing focus, discipline, listening, social, and decision making skills. Your child will acquire such skills as they also undergo physical training to improve their balance, coordination, and strength. 


  • Juniors Program (age 10 & up)

    • Our kids program is designed to prepare your child for life! Whether it be bullies, issues with self confidence, physical weakness, or lack of discipline, our kids program equips your child with the values, skills, and work ethic that will help them excel. We offer a standardized curriculum that will help your child learn in a structured, challenging, and fun environment. Our patient instructors will also work with your child to address their own specific needs, whether it be better listening, focus, self-confidence, toughness, or discipline. We strive to help our students become well rounded individuals capable of taking on any challenge. 

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