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Meet Our Students

Each month, we'll be spotlighting one of our most notable students. Each of these students are a shining example of the philosophy and spirit of Revoultion Martial Arts.

Please meet R.J. Ward

Age: 16

Rank: Blue Belt

Began Jiu Jitsu: March, 2012

Favorite Technique: Ezequiel Choke


1 . How did you get involved in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?


Prior to getting involved in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I knew very little about it though my dad would occasionally show me some moves he learned at his shooto class. I finally got involved in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu when my friend asked me if I wanted to stop by his old Jiu Jitsu studio to say hello to some of his old instructors and friends. I ended up taking a signup sheet for a free trial and after the first class I was hooked and my level of determination and passion for the art grew rapidly everyday I attended class.


2. What do you love about Jiu Jitsu?


What I love about Jiu Jitsu is that everyone can do it! It doesn't matter if you're big, small, young, old, or even blind! The fact that you learn very effective techniques that allow you to control your opponent no matter his or her size makes the art very appealing. The last thing that I love about the art is the camaraderie that we hold together. As Jiu Jitsu practitioners we may be separated by gym affiliations but we are still part of an elite brother/sisterhood that dedicates themselves to learning and progressing in the art as well as bettering ourselves and the world. The best part is that there are no requirements to join!


3. What do you love about Revolution Martial Arts?


I love Revolution Martial Arts because each and every student is genuinely cared about. No one is left behind by instructors or students alike. Some other gyms you see are just all about the money and the gold medals. There's nothing wrong with money or gold medals but the art isn't all about that. Jiu Jitsu is about helping to make a better world for everyone and making yourself into a better person. That being said Revolution embodies all of the aspects Jiu Jitsu is supposed to be about.


4. Additional comments?


My advice to you if you're thinking about joining the Revolution family is to stop thinking about it and come train! Oss!


Notable Accomplishments:

1st Place - 2012 International Grappling Championships

1st Place - 2013 NABJJF All America's Championships (Gi)

1st Place - 2013 NABJJF All America's  Championships (No Gi)

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