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Overcoming Distractions

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Jiu jitsu has a unique way of pushing students to really work toward self improvement. The constant smashing, humbling, and perceived experiences of defeat that a student encounters challenges their natural beliefs that they are powerful and in control of the world around them.

Through this repeated losing and humbling, kids and adults alike are faced with a choice, to give up and to accept as true, the ideas that “I’m no good” and “this isn’t for me”. Or alternatively, to reject those thoughts, to remain focused on improvement, and seek out experiences of accomplishment and victory.

Picking the latter option reinforces the idea that “I am powerful”, “I am important”, and “I am capable of accomplishing anything I put my mind to.'' The added bonus that comes along with this second option is humility and wisdom, knowing that we were once at the bottom of the competition pool, and that with dedication, focus, and sacrifice, anybody else can advance too.

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